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Zarges Aluminum Cases

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Mitraset 19" Housings

Mitraset® 19" Housings


Rack Frame
  • Slide-in module width 450 mm/17.7".
  • Slide-in module height 1 U = 44.5 mm/1.75".
  • Slide-in module depths8.62"/13.78"/18.9"/24.02" or special depth.

  • Mounting Rails to EIA310
  • Universal Spacing.
  • Threads 10-32 Class UNF-2B.
  • Others on request.

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    Cable Coil

    Mitraset® 19" Housings – Accessories

    Transport and Storage Cases K 470

    Transport and Storage Cases K 470


    ZARGES cases provide a convenient and safe method of transport. At the same time it provides a modular system of storage units and protective packaging. K470 cases conform to US 463 I pallet.

  • Stackable universal case.
  • Lid with stainless steel hinge, two straps and peripheral foam seal to lid.
  • Robust edge, lid and floor profile.
  • Peripheral beading and corner beading for enhanced shape retention.
  • Alloy cast stacking corners.
  • Snaplocks. Can be secured by using lock and key, lead seals or padlock.
  • Ergonomic drop-type handles with high carrying capacity.
  • Stackable and palletisable, to suit pallet sizes to DIN15U1.
  • Spring loaded handle at each end (in ...
  • Adjustable Divider System

    Transport and Storage Cases K 470 – Accessories

    Transport/Storage Containers K 475

    Transport/Storage Containers K 475


    Transport and storage containers from the K 475 range are high quality re-usable packaging. They are designed as protective packaging for sensitive assemblies and instruments.

    K 475 re-usable containers with special foam fittings, holders and other additional fittings are available on request.

  • K 475 transport and storage containers in ruggedized and corrosion-proof aluminum according to TL 8115-0047.
  • Stackable.
  • Specially formed stacking corners.
  • Seam-welded at joints, protection class IP 67.
  • Lift-off lid with inner stiffening frame and continuous rubber seal in retaining channel.
  • Stirrup catches.
  • Spring loaded handles.
  • Pressure relief valve ...
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