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Transport and Storage Cases K 470 – Accessories

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Adjustable Divider System

Adjustable Divider System

Consisting of a divider with two notched strips.
Pick 'n Pluck Foam Set

Pick 'n Pluck Foam Set

Pre-punched soft foam inserts made from open-cell PU foam, the fast and cost-effective solution for individual pieces or low-volume batch production. Sheet thicknesses in set, 2 each 30 mm/1.2" and 60 mm/2.4", 30 mm/ 1.2" lid insert foam with raised finish, base foam 10 mm/0.4". Includes adhesive. Shape can be modified without the need for special tools.
Clip-On Castors

Clip-On Castors

The ZARGES Clip-On Castors can be mounted to the extrusions at the bottom of the case by hand (no tools necessary).

Tighten the lever to mount the castors - release the lever to dismount the castors.

Recommended arrangements:
2 swivel castors und 2 fixed castors; 1 x Order No. 40 742, 1 x Order No. 40 741.
4 swivel castors; 2x Order No. 40 742.

  • Rubbertires, smooth running.
  • Swivel action castors with brakes, tires diameter 100 mm (3.9")
  • Mounting plate made of galvanized steel

  • Suitable for
  • The Clip-On Castors can be used on ZARGES Case K 470 and K 420 ZARGES Case, from size 550 x 350 mm (20 - 13"] internal measurement upwards.
  • Trolley


    Simple self-assembly, smooth-running underbod, extendable handle can be locked in position.
    W 150 Trolley

    W 150 Trolley

  • Specially adapted for the transport of light alloy cases K470/K420.
  • Chassis: 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors, smooth running, rubber castors "non-marking", roller bearings.
  • Pallet Underbody Section

    Pallet Underbody Section

    If required, the cases can be fitted with a pallet underbody section. Pallets can be made from wood, plastic or aluminum. Please inquire.


    For affixing to cases, stamped in DIN fonts, capital letters 20 mm/0.8" tall, covering one or more lines.


    In DIN fonts, capital letters, 20 mm/0.8" high, covering one or more lines.
    Armoured Clasps

    Armoured Clasps

    Suitable for seal or shackle lock. For using locks with 8 mm/0.3" shackle diameter.

    Self-Adhesive Labels

    In various sizes/colors/fonts, resistant to peeling if required.
    Attaché Case Insert

    Attaché Case Insert

  • Made from durable ballistic nylon fabric.
  • The practical briefcase for documents and worktools.
  • Tool Pocket

    Tool Pocket

    Removable, made from durable ballistic nylon fabric.


    Padlock with 4-digit, freely selectable number combination. The TSA-Padlock can be opened by airport personnel without being destroyed.
    Padded Divider System

    Padded Divider System

  • Made from high quality foams.
  • Includes base foam and foam with raised finish in the lid.
  • The individual organization system for larger items.
  • Lock Set

    Lock Set

  • To suit all cases with lock fittings in hinged closures.
  • Consists of 2 locks and 2 keys.
  • Shackle Lock

    Shackle Lock

  • Shackle lock with 4-digit, freely selectable combination of numbers.
  • Shackle diameter 5 mm/2".
  • To fit all ZARGES cases and P472 cases.
  • Security Keys

    Security Keys

    Also available as master key system.
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