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Pelican Hardigg Rack Cases

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Hardigg Classic Rack

Pelican Hardigg Classic Rack

Classic Racks are usually intended for equipment that requires the best protection available. This equipment might be subjected to severe drop heights or require extra protection to provide peace of mind that your equipment will arrive in one piece and work the minute it is plugged in.

  • Ideal for delicate equipment that requires the most protection available, in the widest range of sizes.
  • Individually fine-tuned shock mounts for each application provide excellent shock and vibration dampening plus cooling airflow for operating equipment.
  • Security for equipment from 20-340 lbs. For weights over 340 lbs., please call Hardigg for a custom solution.
  • Recessed, zinc-plated, yellow chromate hardware holds ...

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  • Hardigg Supermac Rack

    Pelican Hardigg Supermac Rack

    SuperMAC is ideal for field-deployed equipment and sheltered applications from 20-200 lbs. that require medium duty shock and vibration protection in a portable, space-saving case. Equipment typically will have 40-70 G fragility.

  • Textured low visibility finish for unobtrusive storage and transport.
  • Patented Comfort Grip Handles™ make lifting easy.
  • Recessed, cobalt black hardware is long-lasting and fastens securely.
  • 24” wide – two cases can fit side-by-side in most military vehicles.
  • Molded-in lid hangers allow lid to hang easily from the side of the case.
  • Molded-in rib design provides secure stacking and interlock.
  • Patent pending shock mount design.
  • Removable rack features Lock ...
  • Hardigg Mac Rack_

    Pelican Hardigg Mac Rack

    Compact and lightweight MAC Rack Cases boast a smaller footprint to make the most of limited space. These minimized cubes protect with the same rugged rotomolded outer shell and 19” EIA shock mounted rack as the Classic Cases, but with a smaller sway space. Inside, delicate equipment and instruments travel and perform while protected from shock, vibration, moisture, and impact. Perfect for shipping around the world or just moving down the hall – MAC Racks give you all the needed shock and vibration protection plus a more efficient use of space. Casters even come standard on the 5-inch-size lids for total portability. If it’s versatility as well as protection you’re looking for, MAC Rack is the case to get you there and back – ...

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    Hardigg Prorack Rack

    Pelican Hardigg Prorack Rack

    ProRack Cases are the ideal option when you need a lightweight, space-efficient, front and rear opening container, but not a shock mounted system. Add accessories such as coupling catches for locking stability, removable casters or extra threaded rack clips to suit your exact needs. This is the toughest small case available for security from rain, dust and impact.

  • Rugged 18” deep cases with aircraft aluminum frames suspended on plastic fins to protect your gear from direct impact transmission.
  • Compact size and lightweight cases.
  • Designed for equipment up to 75 lbs.
  • Recessed, zinc-plated, yellow chromate hardware holds up under extreme conditions.
  • Patented Comfort Grip Handles™ make lifting a ...
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