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Air Cases

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Air Case Wheelies

Air Case Wheelies


A shipping case and hand truck built in one!

Rugged and built to Last; skid plates on the bottom protect Air Case Wheelies over stairs.
  • Ball bearing wheels give long lasting ease to traveling.
  • Retractable handles with a quick button release locks in place.
  • A rubber cushioned handgrip for extra comfort.

  • 3" Ball Bearing Wheels
    in metal housing.

    Fully Retractable Handle
    with push button on handle to con veniently open or close it. Handles on most models are fully enclosed.

    Metal Front Plate
    to keep case standing level.

    Skid Plates On tlie Corners
    to slide cases down stairs or over curbs.
    Air Case Attachés

    Air Case Attachés


    Ready to use
    Tenba Air Case Attaches are an easy-to-carry size, just like an attache case is. Low and flat, they can be either top or side loaded depending upon what kind of equipment you are shipping.

    Reinforced, adjustable dividers you can customize to fit your equipment exactly.

    Cut the dividers with a matte knife to precisely fit. Double sided Velcro® hook is provided to wrap around the divider ends. These tabs stick to the walls of the Air Case and other dividers. Extra dividers and Velcro® hooks are always available.
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